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Established at the end of 2020, was built to provide an overview of the world Forex market and the peculiarities of the Vietnamese forex market, providing traders with information on Forex investment and Review of global Forex CFD brokers available in Vietnam.

In the context of the world economic disruption due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Forex once again flourished in emerging markets, including Vietnam. Our goal is to provide in-depth knowledge, the most accurate market information to help Vietnamese traders better understand the operation of the Forex market, thereby making profits in the long run. .

At, we recognize two problems:

The Forex market in Vietnam is operating without the coordination of the Legal system, so there are many scam and fake Forex brokers to scam new investors. Therefore, focuses on in-depth research and assessment of the reputation and safety of global Forex brokers, so that investors can safely participate in the market.

Similar to the stock market, the Forex market is also a complex market. That’s why we want to provide the most valuable information, the simplest that you can easily access, easy to understand, easiest to apply.

Information sources
Nowadays, anyone can build a Forex group on social networks like Facebook, Zalo, Telegram, create a Forex website – but not everyone provides an accurate and useful source of information. Before consulting information and using them, you should consider the reliability of the supplier, because the source of information is a very important factor in your investment decisions and success.

At, our team members have been researching and trading Forex for many years. Each team member uses their knowledge and experience to build high-quality and constantly updated content so you can access the latest knowledge in the market.

How We Rate Forex Brokers
At, we recognize that not all Forex brokers offer equal value. We are also aware that not all Forex brokers are rated fairly. That’s why we carry out internal forex broker reviews, so you can find the right Forex broker for your individual investment needs. The aspects we evaluate each broker include:

Broker general information: We take a brief look at the legality, year of establishment, operating history, Vietnamese language support, minimum deposit and other basic information to help you identify Determine if the broker is right for your needs.

Trading platform: We conduct demo trading to test the trading platforms and provide our trading experience for each broker. We also specify the trading platform of each broker: a web platform, a downloadable platform like MT4/MT5 or a custom platform.

Features: Each Forex broker will have its own unique features and trading tools. Here, we will review the features offered by each broker, helping you determine if that forex broker supports the feature you are looking for.

Ease of Use: From registering an account to starting a trade, you deserve to trade with a Forex broker designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. We check the account registration process, the trading process, and evaluate the ease of use of each Forex broker for Vietnamese investors, and which exchanges are difficult to trade, not user-friendly. use it, you can skip it.

Customer service: We test customer support features via phone, email, chatbot… to determine which broker provides easy support for investors. We will document the interaction so you can judge for yourself the customer service of each broker.

Summary: If you don’t have enough time to read all the content in detail – Read the most important points we summarize in a short paragraph