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Custom Attribute Text Color Top 18 Posts With The Most Views

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Custom attribute text color

In order to set custom attribute text color in iOS, you can use NSAttributedString. Here’s an example:

let myText = “Hello, World!”

let myAttributes = [

let myAttributedString = NSMutableAttributedString(string: myText, attributes: myAttributes)

myLabel.attributedText = myAttributedString

In this example, we create a string myText that we want to apply custom attributes to. We then create a dictionary myAttributes containing the attributes we want to apply. In this case, we set the foregroundColor attribute to We then create an NSMutableAttributedString from our original string and our attributes dictionary. Finally, we set the attributedText property of a UILabel to our attributed string.

You can also use this method to apply other attributes to your text, such as font size, font family, and text alignment.

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