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Top 21 andersen og maillard nordhavn Update

Copen Andersen & Maillard

andersen og maillard nordhavn

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Copen Andersen & Maillard

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Copen Andersen & Maillard
Copen Andersen & Maillard

andersen & maillard copenhagen

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andersen & maillard menu

Andersen & Maillard Menu

Andersen & Maillard is a popular café and bakery located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Known for its delicious baked goods, fresh coffee, and cozy atmosphere, the café has amassed a loyal following and is a popular destination for breakfast and brunch. The menu at Andersen & Maillard is simple but varied, with something to please every palate.

Breakfast and Brunch

The breakfast and brunch menu at Andersen & Maillard is the perfect way to start your day. From sweet treats to savory dishes, there is something for everyone. One of the most popular items on the menu is the avocado toast, which comes with a generous portion of smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, and a sprinkle of chili flakes. The toast is served on a sourdough bread, which is baked fresh in-house every day. It is the perfect combination of creamy, spicy, and crunchy.

For those with a sweet tooth, the pancakes are a must-try. The pancakes are fluffy and light, and the toppings change regularly. Some of the most popular toppings include fresh berries, homemade Nutella, and the classic combo of bacon and maple syrup. The pancakes are a perfect indulgence for a lazy weekend morning.

Another standout item on the menu is the breakfast burrito. The burrito is stuffed with scrambled eggs, black beans, chorizo, cheddar cheese, and fresh herbs. It is served with a side of avocado salsa and sour cream. The burrito is a filling and satisfying breakfast that is perfect for those on-the-go.

Lunch and Dinner

Andersen & Maillard also offers a small but varied lunch and dinner menu. The menu features classic café dishes with a twist. One of the most popular lunch items is the grilled cheese sandwich. However, this is not your average grilled cheese sandwich. The sandwich is stuffed with melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, and spicy jalapeño jam. The sandwich is served with a side of tomato soup, which is hearty and flavorful.

Another standout item on the menu is the lentil bowl. The bowl is a combination of lentils, roasted vegetables, avocado, and a poached egg. The dish is great for vegetarians and is a healthy and satisfying lunch option.

The café also offers a variety of salads, sandwiches, and burgers. One of the most popular burgers is the chicken burger. The burger features a juicy chicken patty, crispy bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, and a homemade chipotle mayo. The burger is served with a side of crispy fries or a side salad.


The Andersen & Maillard bakery is one of the main draws of the café. The bakery offers a variety of freshly baked pastries, bread, and cakes. One of the most popular items is the cinnamon roll. The roll is soft, fluffy, and topped with a generous layer of cinnamon and sugar. The roll is served warm and is the perfect accompaniment to a fresh cup of coffee.

Another great bakery item is the croissant. The croissant is flaky, buttery, and perfect for a quick breakfast on-the-go. The bakery also offers a variety of bread, including sourdough, rye bread, and baguettes. All bread is baked fresh daily and is perfect for sandwiches or to accompany a meal.

To accompany the delicious baked goods, the café offers a variety of coffee drinks, including espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, and lattes. The coffee is made with high-quality beans, and the baristas are trained to make the perfect cup every time.


Q: Is there outdoor seating at Andersen & Maillard?

A: Yes, the café has outdoor seating available.

Q: Does Andersen & Maillard offer gluten-free options?

A: Yes, the café offers gluten-free bread for all its sandwiches and burgers.

Q: Is there free Wi-Fi available?

A: Yes, there is free Wi-Fi available for all customers.

Q: Does Andersen & Maillard offer catering services?

A: Yes, the café offers catering services for events and meetings.

Q: What are the hours of operation?

A: The café is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, and on weekends from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

In conclusion, Andersen & Maillard is a must-visit café in Copenhagen if you are looking for delicious baked goods, fresh coffee, and a cozy atmosphere. With a varied menu, there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a quick breakfast on-the-go, a leisurely brunch, or a satisfying lunch or dinner. Don’t forget to stop by the bakery counter and try one of their freshly baked pastries or bread. With friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere, Andersen & Maillard is a great spot to relax and enjoy a great meal.

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