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Top 55 agriturismo piemonte swimming pool Update

Agriturismo Dimora Cortese - Piedmont | Presentazione |

agriturismo piemonte swimming pool

Agriturismo Piemonte’s Swimming Pool

Agriturismo Piemonte is a beautiful and serene vacation destination located in the heart of the Piedmont region in Northwestern Italy. The region is known for its lush landscapes, picturesque hilly vineyards and farmhouses, and significant food and wine culture. Agriturismo Piemonte offers guests a chance to experience the local culture by providing authentic accommodations, world-class cuisine, and unique experiences on its sprawling estate. One of the highlights of this wonderful destination is the availability of its majestic swimming pool.

The Agriturismo Piemonte swimming pool is located within the villa’s compound and surrounded by a well-manicured lawn dotted with sun loungers and shaded gazebos. The pool’s setting offers a serene environment ideal for relaxation and soaking in the Italian sun. The pool is quite spacious, and guests can engage in aquatic activities and games, making it a perfect spot for families with children.

The pool’s water is crystal-clear, sanitized daily, and maintained at a temperature that is suitable for swimming from May through September. It is worth noting that the pool is suitable for committed swimmers and novices alike, thanks to its depth that ranges from 1.4 meters to 1.8 meters. Moreover, the pool is equipped with a child-friendly shallow area for young ones to splash around safely.

Agriturismo Piemonte’s pool area is a pleasant and convenient spot for guests to spend their days while vacationing in the region. In addition to swimming, there are other activities that guests can enjoy while lounging poolside; there are table tennis facilities, a playground and a barbecue area for preparing light meals or indulging in the Villa’s cuisine.


Q. What are the hours of operation for the swimming pool?

A. The pool is open from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM every day during the swimming season.

Q. Can I bring my own swim apparel or do I have to rent it?

A. Guests are required to carry their swimwear, towels and any other necessary pool accessories.

Q. Can I smoke in the pool area?

A. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the swimming pool area to ensure maximum comfort and safety for all guests.

Q. Is the pool heated or does it have any temperature regulation mechanism?

A. The pool is unheated, but its temperature is maintained by the surrounding environment, providing a refreshing relief from the Italian summer heat.

Q. Is there any lifeguard on duty at the swimming pool?

A. Although there is no lifeguard permanently stationed at the swimming pool, guests are responsible for their safety and that of their children while in and around the pool.

Q. Can non-guests use the swimming pool?

A. No. The swimming pool area is reserved exclusively for Agriturismo Piemonte guests to guarantee them maximum privacy and comfort.

Q. Is there access to Wi-Fi in the pool area?

A. Yes. Guests can access free Wi-Fi throughout the villa compound, including the swimming pool area.

Q. Are there restroom facilities in the pool area?

A. Yes. Restroom and shower facilities are available for the guests to freshen up before and after swimming.

Q. Can I bring in food and drinks to the swimming pool area?

A. Yes. Guests are allowed to bring in food and drinks of their own or request light meals and refreshments from the villa’s kitchen.

Q. Is the pool area accessible for guests with disabilities?

A. Agriturismo Piemonte is committed to providing a comfortable and accessible holiday experience for all its guests, including those with disabilities. Wheelchair accessibility to the pool area is facilitated by easy ramps and reachable basin height in the shallow end.

In conclusion, the Agriturismo Piemonte swimming pool is a fantastic destination for families and couples looking for an authentic Italian getaway in Piedmont. Its serene and spacious pool area offers a refreshing oasis from the hot Italian summer days while providing ample space for lounging and indulging in the Villa’s unique cuisine. Whether guests want to lounge, swim, or enjoy a light meal by the pool, the Agriturismo Piemonte pool area affords them an ideal spot to do so.

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Agriturismo Dimora Cortese – Piedmont | Presentazione |

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